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We are : Michael Dontigney & Sheena (Ray) Driver
We are a father/daughter team. This is a family business.
Michael got his first camera a 1940's Kodak box camera his grandfather kept in his closet. Growing up he got a reel to reel 1960's tape recorder and made his own "radio show" at around 6 years old. As a teen he had a love for the Beatles after hearing his neighbor playing "I am the Walrus" on his cassette deck. He played guitar in a band and he was the principal recording tech because he could always figure out how to make it happen. His love for movies and audio recording led him to become a wedding/event filmmaker and photographer . He started in the wedding/event business in 2000 after filming a friend's wedding.
He has worked for CBS news running a sat. truck, and has produced videos for Yamaha, Wellstar and Coca~Cola. He also trained thousands with his training DVDs for editing software. He showed editing software at N.A.B. in Vegas in 2004 to ESPN and NBC who use it today.

Sheena got her first camera for her12th birthday. It was a Polaroid and she went through the cartridge within 20 minutes! She took photos of her shoes, her closet, everything! She was in love! She started playing guitar when she was 14. The most beautiful thing is being in love, and she enjoys capturing that! Her 13 year old daughter helps out at bridal shows, and she looks forward to her becoming part of the business.. A job is something you have to do, but photography & filmmaking is what Sheena ENJOYS doing.

In 2007 Sheena attended classes at Showcase Photo & Video. She has always had a love for filmmaking!
She enjoys reading (non-fiction), cooking, interior decorating, volunteer work (humane society) swimming, and bike riding.